Monday, June 16, 2014

Hermanister Bennett!

Do you like my new title? I am no longer a full-fledged hermana, but I will never be a sister, so I found a nice compromise. Hermanister.
Things are great here in my neck of the woods.

On Monday we bought Virginia souvenirs and took some fun pictures...

I had some fun with it.

​<3 Virginia <3
This is Sister Mahler, one of the sisters that went to Poquoson (puh-ko-sn).
We also met the sisters' main investigator, Jeremy. He's awesome. He is a deacon in the Southern Baptist church, but he doesn't believe that his church is true. He goes because he teaches a Sunday school class to first and second graders, and he is committed to teaching them the true doctrine, and not "the watered-down stuff the Baptist church teaches." (in his own words) Haha. I am really excited to work with him.
For the next couple days we went around with the sisters, meeting their investigators and less active members they work with, and then on Thursday we had transfers!

That was a crazy day. Woke up, packed up two cars, drove to Poquoson, unloaded the sisters, drove to Portsmouth, went to transfer meeting, drove home, unpacked Hermana Malmrose's stuff, went to an appointment with Jeremy, went to dinner with Sister Kennedy, came home and unpacked some more, planned, wrote in the journal, and then fell into bed.

Hermana Malmrose is GREAT. I am really excited to work with her. We are ready to set this place on fire together.
Other highlights:
Our church building was struck by lightning.
We committed a friend of one of our members to baptism :)
Life is good!

Sorry that this is a long one.

Have a great week!

Hermana Bennett

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