Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A marvelous week and a wonder

On Monday I took a nap! For the first time in forever. It was splendid and so much needed. We also taught part of the Plan of Salvation to Norma and Manuel and the Spirit was so strong.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Baker, and they went great as always. At the beginning he always prays for us, and his prayers are the BEST. So personal and loving. After that Hermana Brugman and I talked about some things that we've been struggling with as a companionship, and now things are much better. I HATE companionship inventory, but it really is essential to a unified companionship.

On Wednesday we committed Shelby, an investigator that we picked up from the zone leaders, to pick a baptismal date :D
On Thursday we went with Sister Moore, an amazing lady in the ward here, to visit a less active woman that she visit teaches and then she took us out to lunch. Sister Moore is the best. I want to be just like her when I get older. She is so dedicated in her callings and then also goes above and beyond what is asked of her to reach out to people. I'm realizing that that's what our religion really is: service.
On Friday we went to Nags Head to stay there for the weekend. We taught one of the investigators that the elders left us with, Jesus, and it was probably the most awkward lesson I have ever been in. At the end I asked him to say the prayer and he said yes, and started praying, but then he never said amen! So we sat there forever awkwardly in silence waiting for him to finish and then finally I said, "Gracias!" and we called it quits. It was rough.

On Saturday we had a good day, and at the end went to McDonalds to eat dinner. I had already bought some food at a gas station, though, and Hermana Brugman was waiting for the line to go down, so I decided to just say a silent prayer and start eating. I start praying when all of the sudden I hear Hermana Brugman say, "Padre Celestial, gracias por este dia." I look up and say, "What are you doing?" "Well, you weren't saying anything, so I thought you wanted me to say the prayer!" Hahaha. I have her trained so well. We also get hit on pretty hard by some guy while we were there. He kept asking us where we were staying and if we had Facebook and saying he had nothing to do. Sorry, but not interested. Another great thing that day was that we met a man that Hermana Flores, my trainer, had taught when she was in the Outer Banks at the beginning of her mission.
On Sunday we went to church, and to my surprise a family that I had known in Newport News was there visiting! It was so fun to see them. For dinner we ate with another family that lives there and then went to teach two investigators, Carlos and Maria, with them. They are golden and the lesson went really well, except that they talk A TON and I had to work really hard to maintain control of the conversation. We read 1 Nephi 13:20-41 about the Great Apostasy and the Restoration, though, and the Spirit was strong.
Yesterday we couldn't email because it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Instead we had an amazing zone activity at the sand dunes in Nags Head. We  had so much fun just playing around taking jumping pictures and burying each other in the sand. It was nice to just relax and enjoy ourselves without stressing about investigators, etc.
I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the cold! ;)

Hermana Bennett

PS. Sorry no pictures. I'm letting Hermana Brugman use my camera card thing today. Hopefully she'll be done soon, but if not I'll send some next week.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Un repaso de la semana

Lots of great things happened this week!
Our bishop had the great idea to start doing a monthly family home evening for all of the members that want to come - new, single, whatever - and also with the Hispanic members. So on Monday we had a family home evening in the Begazo family home for our seven members. Only five came, but it turned out great! We watched the Mormon Message about Esther and then talked about how they have had to show faith and courage in the face of opposition. I think it went really well and helped them a lot to be together and strengthen each other.

I truly feel that these Spanish speaking members are as strong as the pioneers. They face so much opposition, even from within the Church. The language barrier, the work hours they have, racism... It is not easy to be a Hispanic Mormon. But they do it! They are so strong and keep pushing, just like the pioneers.
We have also started teaching a girl named Shelby, who the zone leaders were teaching, but told us that she would feel more comfortable with girls. She's 19 and is the fiancee of a less-active member. She's so great. We are excited.
On Tuesday morning, the coldest day of the winter (high of 22), the power went out all across the city at five in the morning! It was FREEZING. We woke up so cold. It was only out for about an hour, but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I pretended that I was camping to make it more enjoyable. My poor Arizona companion, though, was not too happy. She's not used to cold AT ALL.
Me.  Cold.  
On Wednesday we got a new car! The Church retires their missionary cars once they reach 50,000 miles so they can still get a good price on them, and ours was up! Now we have a silver 2014 Ford Fusion. It is NICE. We ride in style.
On Saturday we had a tornado warning! No tornado, though. But the storm was pretty cool to watch.
Also, I HATE ALCOHOL. There are people here on the mission that I love with all my heart and have so much potential, but that can't progress in the Gospel because they are addicted to that poison. I hate it so much. I pray and pray and tell them that they can change and read scriptures with them, but they just can't seem to do it. It is frustrating beyond words.
Well anyway, that's about it. Things are going well. I love you all! Today I'm planning on writing tons of thank-you cards for all the Christmas cards and gifts I got. Sorry it has taken me so long. You are all great!


Hermana Bennett

 Another puzzle!

This is Owen, the youngest son of the Carter family, in our ward. He is adorable

Monday, January 6, 2014


The internet is cooperating a bit better today than usual, so I'm going to send lots of pictures! Enjoy.
 Most of the hermanas in the mission at the mission Christmas program.

On Christmas Eve with the Huffs (a senior couple)
More coming...

One of the cute new outfits Whitney sent me.

Well, I keep trying to send more pictures, but it's not working. Sorry!

This week was good, anyway. We got two new investigators!