Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 3 & 4: Watch out Virginia.. Here comes Hermana Bennett!!

Hello from Virginia!!! Man I was so excited to share the news that I'm going to be in the Chesapeake mission, but the elders in the office already told you! Oh well :)


Anyway, yeah, my first area is Newport News, which is about an hour and a half east of Richmond and only about twenty minutes away from the beach. In fact we're having a ward activity on the beach this Saturday, so I'll be sure to take some pictures! I really like the city so far. It actually reminds me a lot of Meridian, except that there are a million times more trees. It's just kind of a normal American city and feels just like home. Minus the fact that we spend most of our time in trailer parks, which I'm still getting used to.

I'm still technically in the Richmond mission right now, but it splits only July 1 and then I'll officially be in the Virginia Chesapeake mission... which means that all those addresses I so diligently put up so people could write me are wrong! So sad. While I'm thinking about it, my address for the next few months is:



Some mail would be great! ;)


I'm in a trio again, just like in the MTC. Hermana Karson is also semi-new, but has been out for about nine weeks so she definitely knows a lot more than me. She's from Texas and is great! And then Hermana Flores is our trainer. I'll be with her for this transfer and the next, and after that she goes home! I hope I make a good last companion. And guess where she's from in Mexico? PUEBLA! She lived just about 45 minutes away from Tehuacan. Crazy, huh? She is a convert and came on a mission after she got baptized three years ago, which I think is amazing. She moved to the states when she was 16, though, so her English is really good. We still speak a lot of English, but I'm trying to speak as much Spanish as I can.


We serve in a branch with four other elders, which seems like a ton of missionaries for so few people, but we have a huge area to cover so we keep busy. The branch is great! It's really little, but the members are so nice and enthusiastic about missionary work. Which is great because we rely on them a lot for fellowshipping and rides for investigators.


Well, I just found out that I have less time than I thought, so I have to go! If I have more time at the end I'll come back and write more.




Hermana Bennett


PS. Look who I found in the MTC! Ignore my hair. Bad hair day.

And my companions! I'm the juniorest of the juniors out here, but I feel like a monster walking around with these two! They are so short :)

This is a dog in a fish tank. Ha.

Side note: Posing with elders is SO AWKWARD. We're not allowed to touch them except for handshakes, so we're creative as we can be, but mostly it just looks awful!

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