Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More of the week!

I got smart and brought my journal today so that I would remember what happened this week :) Here goes!


Nothing too exciting happened during most of the week, but Friday and Saturday were crazy!


Saturday we had a baptism! Adrianna is an 18-year-old girl (sidenote: Mom, as soon as I read this I heard Dr. Gamboa in my head saying "a very pleasant 18-year-old girl") that is dating a boy from our branch and got in contact with the missionaries through his family. She actually only speaks English, but since she attends our branch we still taught her :) This girl is amazing! My companions have been working with her since long before I got her, but even they say that they did nothing in the whole process. She truly listens and learns from the Spirit. I learn from her! She is amazing. The baptism, though, was CRAZY. I never realized that when the person getting baptized is a convert it's all on the missionaries to plan everything and make sure it goes over smoothly. Before anything even started we had to make and print the program, but of course someone had given us the wrong keys and we couldn't get in and then we couldn't find paper and then the printer got jammed, etc. etc. etc. Then, for the program itself, hardly anyone here plays piano, so it falls on either me or Hermana Karson to accompany, and both of us are only mediocre. So the music was subpar to say the least. Then right in the middle of the opening prayer, Hermana Karson got a nose bleed! So I see this happening as I'm walking back to my seat from playing piano and have to run up in front of the whole congregation to grab a bunch of tissues from the pulpit, which draws all the attention to us, which leads to a whole hoard of people following us out to give us advice on how to stop it, like putting a penny in your mouth. After that finally stopped and we went back in, we had missed the whole program and it was time for the baptism. So we went in and luckily the ordinance itself was perfect. No problems whatsoever. Then we went back and everyone was confused about what we were supposed to do and so I ended up playing the same hymn a bunch of times while people decided whether they were going to sing or just listen. And then our branch president decided that we were doing the confirmation there, which we had not planned and didn't have permission to do, so there were missionaries running around like crazy talking to each other and it was just CRAZY. By the time the whole thing was over it was one of those either laugh or cry situations, so we just laughed. I don't think Adrianna knew any better though, so she thought it was great.


Anyway, so that was Friday. On Saturday we had a missionary blitz because there's a new chapel opening up in Yorktown and they're having an open house, so they sent all the missionaries from this area up there and we walked around knocking doors and inviting people to go. It was really hot and humid that day, which made it a little uncomfortable, but I actually kind of enjoyed it because all we had to do was invite people and not try to get inside to teach a lesson :) Plus we met lots of cool (and crazy people). One lady gave us a card for a biker church that she started, I met my first Jehovah's Witness, and another man was an ex-Mormon who was sincerely concerned for our eternal salvation. It was exciting.


After that we went to a branch activity on the beach! It was BEAUTIFUL. We basically just ate, talked with members, and then shared a short lesson about charity that no one was too interested in listening to, so we made it quick. Mostly it was just so pretty and reminded me of my week on the beach in Mexico... except without the swimming :)


Then after that we went to a birthday party at one of the member's houses. The food was SO good and I ate so much I wanted to explode. Time to start exercising my self control, I think, otherwise my clothes are not going to fit pretty soon! ;)


Overall it was a really good week. I'm feeling more confident with teaching and listening to the spirit, although I know I have a long way to go. At least I did more than just smile and nod this week, though, so I felt good about that. We had a lot of investigators cancel appointments, which is frustrating but normal. Hopefully this coming week we can teach a bit more. I've taught the first lesson lots of times, but it can be hard to get past that point. I think that's normal though.


As far as a package goes, I would love that! The only two things that I can think of that I need are my raincoat and another blanket. I know I have some, but I'm not sure if they're at your house or Whitney's. I don't want a big comforter or anything, just another layer because I get cold at night. Thank you!!!



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