Thursday, October 24, 2013


Well, folks, to be honest I am just not much in the mood to write a long email this week.


Here are some journal entries from the week:


Oct. 15

Six months ago if you had told me that one day I would be standing in the dark in the rain on a man's porch telling him that Jesus Christ could change him, I would have laughed at you. And yet there I was tonight, telling Jacob that Jesus could change him. I love it.


Oct. 16

Today we knocked one of our investigators that we thought had been avoiding us, and it turned out that her schedule was just crazy and her phone was broken :( She let us right in and started asking super good questions abut the church and authority. Innately she understands that authority comes from God, not from studying. Gold. And, best of all, she's been READING! We are so excited. We had a progressing investigator and we didn't even know it.


Oct. 18

My English is going to pot. Today I said orden for order, direction for address, and comprension for comprehension.


Oct. 20

Nobody wants the free gift of eternal life. Six people committed to come to church today and not one of them came. Played the piano for the primary program. Wanted to cry I was so nervous, but prayed a lot and it went well. Ate dinner twice. Barf. Thank goodness it's Monday tomorrow.


It was kind of a crazy week with lots of ups and downs, but we're moving on to better things this week! (Hopefully)


Also, Virginia really isn't that southern but every once in a while we see crazy things like this:

Two fishing poles, two confederate flags, and a redneck sticker. Classy.


Also, spider webs like this one abound.

Kinda hard to see, but look close and you'll see it. And then you'll want to cry like I do every time I see these. The only thing worse is their creators.

Welp, have a great week everyone! Love ya lots.


Hermana Bennett

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