Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10!

I think I finally took some pictures this week. Let's see...

Yes! This is Hermana Valdez. She's one of the hermanas that took over Nags Head for us. She is the BEST! And also very little :)
We had zone conference this week, which was great as always. I usually go into big long meetings like that with kind of bad attitude, but within half an hour Heavenly Father smacks me with the Spirit and says, "Hey! Put a smile on! Maybe then you could actually get some revelation!" And he's always right. It turned out wonderful and I got some good ideas of things that we can do in our area.

More to come...

Hermana Haywood. She has beautiful long hair.
Funny story about long hair...

Today as we were walking to the library we passed a guy coming out of his house and said hello. He says, "Hey, honey." A bit awkward, but we are in the south, so we didn't think much of it. As we walked away, though, he said, "Hey, keep your hair long!" We turned around and looked at him, sure that we had heard wrong, and he said it again, "Hey, keep your hair long!" Nope, heard right. We kind of laughed and kept walking away and he yelled, "You know what the Bible says, don'tcha?" Hahaha. It's true. The Bible does say that women should have long hair.
It's funny, too, because for the past five months (ask any of my companions) I've had this constant battle in my head about my hair: Cut it off, grow it out, cut it off, grow it out, cut it off, grow it out. Both are so appealing. I like it long and I can do so many fun braids and buns and things with it, but then sometimes I'm just so tired of it and I want to chop it all off so I can be cool in the summer. Right now though I'm leaning toward the keep it side, and this guy sealed the deal! Until a few days from now, that is, when I have a bad hair day...
Anyway, moving on...

Anyone remember her? This is Sydney Jensen, from the Sherbrook ward way back in the day! I was her YCL when she was like 13. Now we're missionaries together! Crazy, huh? Every time I see her I get so happy.

Ahhhh I have two pictures that I really want to send, but the computer says that they're too big. Sorry. I'll just tell a story...

A few days ago we were going around visiting less actives and a funny thing happened. After stopping at one house, I looked at my GPS to see what members were close by, and we saw a name that we didn't recognize. We said, "Well, if we don't know the name, they're probably less active, so let's stop by." We went over, knocked on the door, and as soon as she opened we knew who she was: the sister that works in activity days. Completely active. Oops. Awkward. So we covered it up and said, "We were just in the area and wanted to drop by because we've never been here before!" Haha. Real smooth. So we got talking and she is the nicest thing. I asked her about her missionary efforts and she got to talking about her family. By and by she tells us about her less-active husband and kids and how she just prays that God will bring them back. I shared with her one of my favorite scriptures, 3 Nephi 18:32, which talks about how we should never give up on people because we don't know when they might repent and come back, and we could be the means for that change. She loved it and even wrote it down.

Overall it was a great experience, and I like to think that maybe God directed us to her to share that scripture with her. I hope so!

At the end she said, "Well, I like to make goody bags for my grandkids when they come over. Can I make you a goody bag?" Of course we said yes. Well, that goody bag turned into everything you see in that picture. (the one that won't send!) Pancake mix, syrup, crackers, granola bars, chips, chicken, corn, soup, mac & cheese, spaghetti, sauce, potatoes... and more! Wow! She is so kind. We have been very blessed lately with people taking us grocery shopping and giving us food... I haven't had to spend hardly any money in like a month!
 Oh, ALSO, we went to Salvation Army this morning to shop and I got three skirts, a shirt, and a nightgown for $12.44. Maybe I'll do a fashion shoot and send the pictures next week ;)
 Other highlights:
On Saturday two strangers (Hispanics) told me that my Spanish is really good. So rewarding! We also found some great potential investigators.
Anibal got his patriarchal blessing on Saturday :D
We taught Shelby in the Pendleton's home. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Before that they fed us halibut from Alaska for dinner. Yummmmmmmm.
That's it!

Hermana Bennett

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