Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Great week.

This week was wonderful. Let me share a few miracle stories with you!

We met with a girl named Laura, an investigator that left for the summer and is now back. She believes in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and is basically just deciding whether or not she wants to be baptized. This is a huge tender mercy because we have been struggling to find solid investigators. God is good!

We created a display board for the activities fair at William and Mary...

Doesn't it look great? One of our member's moms helped us out with it. Another miracle because we could not have done this on our own!

Heavenly Father helped Sister Bassett and I successfully give a SEVENTY MINUTE TRAINING at zone meeting on Friday. One of the zone leaders in the Newport News North zone went home early to start school, so his companion was left solo to run zone meeting. Insert sister training leaders, at your service! We were a bit nervous, but the Spirit stepped in and it went really well.

We couldn't find our phone one morning as we were preparing to leave. Finally we kneeled down to pray to ask for help to find it. We closed our eyes, Sister Bassett said, "Dear Heavenly Father," and then stopped praying. I waited for a moment and then opened my eyes, only to see her holding up the phone! It had been hiding under a piece of paper, right by where we kneeled down to pray. Not only is God good, but He also has a sense of humor.

We taught the Plan of Salvation to a friend of one of our members. After teaching the pre-earth life and veil, she stopped, smiled, and said, "Wow. That... makes sense somehow. Wow." Sister Bassett and I just looked at each other like, ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I'M SEEING?! You could literally see the Spirit telling her right there that it was true. So amazing.

While knocking doors this gruff older lady opened the door, we introduced ourselves, and she said, "I'm a Baptist." We said, "Well, we talk to people of every religion... blah blah blah." Pretty soon she let us right in! Soon we got to talking about the Book of Mormon. She told us that she didn't like the Mormon faith because it was selfish. I said, "Well, that's interesting. You may have been taught some things that aren't true, because this religion is all about Jesus Christ and service." After that she let us teach the whole restoration! When we tried to commit her to read the Book of Mormon she was super hesitant, so we each read one of our favorite scriptures, the Spirit touched her heart, and she said yes. Then yesterday we called her and she actually did read!



Hermana Bennett

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