Monday, August 25, 2014

The long week of exchanges are over!

Good news from this week:

Our exchanges are over for this transfer! Eight twenty-four hour exchanges in three weeks was a lot! Now we can breathe on focus on our area a little more.

We had a fun sisters' preparation day! We did a 'Christmas in August' theme, with a Christmas tree, gingerbread houses, white elephant, and a movie.

We hit most of our goals! Finally. Most of my mission has been spent really struggling to reach our goals, but last week we almost did it! The Lord is blessing us.

Here are some pictures, because I have been really bad about sending pictures lately.

This is a giant snake skin that a lady in Jamestown found in her yard. It's six feet long. Welcome to the jungle!

Somehow this pass-along card of Jesus was just chilling out on our backseat one day... We enjoyed that quite a bit. He's always with us!

Me, Sister Romney, and Sister Burr, inside a fake boat at the Yorktown museum.

Me and Sister Burr. Love this girl.

The Yorktown battle memorial.

A baby goat!

A giant leaf at Colonial Williamsburg.

Cuddling up with good old Ronald during a potty break at McDonald's.

One thing that I love about Virginia are the clouds. We just don't get clouds out west like they do here. So beautiful.

That's it! Now it's time to go. Love you lots!

Hermana Bennett

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