Monday, August 11, 2014

Week three in the News.

This week can be described in one word: DOORS. The university in our area, William and Mary, is on summer break right now, and therefore all of our young single adults are MIA. So we're struggling a little to find investigators and teach, but it should pick up when September comes and school starts up again.

In the meantime we'll keep on rockin' on, knockin' on a billion doors :)

The Lord is giving my little miracles to keep me going, though...

On Monday I found out something amazing. Almost a year ago I knocked on a door with my two trainees and met a man named Matt. After some pushing we convinced him to let missionaries come over, and he ended up getting baptized. Well, on Monday I found out that Matt's best friend, Milo, just got baptized a few weeks ago. Tracting really works! Because of one door knocked, two people have been brought to the Gospel fold. What a blessing. And a tender mercy from the Lord to allow me to come back to Newport News and see the results of my labors here.

On Tuesday we went tracting at 8 PM in a place we call Ritztown. They're these super nice apartments that are really well lit, so we feel safe knocking doors there at night. At the second door we knocked, a man opened the door, looked at us, and said, "Who sent you?" We said, "Oh, so you know who we are?" He said, "Yes, I have a son on a mission, but I'm less active. Did the bishop send you?" We're like, "...No... we're just knocking doors." Then, with tears in his eyes, he told us that he had strayed from the truth, but that he was ready to come back. He told us that we were a light to him and thanked us for coming. We sent the elders to him and later found out that just before we knocked on his door, Jon had been talking to a friend about religion, wondering where God was, and then we showed up. Wow. Perfect timing. What a blessing to be used by the Lord as an answer to their prayers. Also, his son is on a Spanish speaking mission in Provo, so I'm totally going to go find him when I'm back there and ask how his dad is doing.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with my granddaughter :) (one of my trainees trained her). She is so cute and it was fun to spend the day with her. She is in the Spanish branch, so I got to see some of the members from there. So fun.

The rest of the week was good, but nothing super incredible to report.



Hermana Bennett

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