Monday, November 3, 2014

Great week!

This week was so wonderful.

On Monday night we got a call from Kalie, our relief society president, asking us to meet with Raechel at a certain time"for reasons that she could not disclose. Ha. Her boyfriend was going to propose and they wanted us to distract her :)

So we did, and first of all, the lesson went AMAZING. We reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her, and she is ready. So ready. Plus it was really fun to be with her, knowing that it was her last few hours as an un-engaged person.

Then she went and got proposed to! We don't know exactly how it happened yet because she wants to tell us in person, but we'll find out tomorrow. She is seriously the best. Last week she talked about how she's doing this not only for her, but for her future family. How she's so excited to be sealed in the temple with Coby and to raise her family in the church so that she can give her kids a better life than she had.


I just adore her.

Anyway, on Saturday we had what they called a "Social Media Day." All of our whole mission, members from the local congregations went out with the missionaries all day, from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm, took pictures of everything we did, and posted them to social media. The goal was to sweep the internet with pictures of what real missionaries do all day long, and to show them that we are indeed real, approachable people. It was fun.

That's about it.

Yesterday I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting for the last time as a full-time missionary. Wahhhhhhh.

Have a great week!

Hermana Bennett

The best trio ever!

                                           Williamsburg is beautiful in the fall!

 The Piggotts. They have a son on a mission in Nampa right now. I told them I'd go find him and take him and his companion out to lunch :)


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