Monday, February 10, 2014

Slowest week of the mission, but also wonderful!

Well, this week we didn't teach one single lesson to investigators. The only "teaching" we did was a little spiritual thought that we share before futbol on Friday night every week.

But it's ok! I have faith that Heavenly Father will soon answer our prayers and bless us with investigators if we are diligent and obedient.
Here's an exciting story for the week that describes some of the crazy things that I get to do as a missionary that have nothing to do with missionary work at all.
On Friday night while Hermana Brugman was in the shower I was just lying in bed kind thinking about the day half asleep. All of the sudden the phone rings and it's Hermano Anibal, who is the member that kind of heads up futbol. This is how our conversation went:
Hola, hermano! How are you!
Good, hermana. We have a little problem.
The alarms are going off at the church.
In the whole building?

Yes, in the whole building.



Did a little kid pull it?

Yes, I think so.
Ok, I'll take care of it. Give me a few minutes.

So I call Brother Garrett, our ward clerk that lives super close by and let him know. Then I call Anibal back and say it's ok and that Brother Garrett is on his way. I'm thinking everything is good and then he says, "No, hermana. The fireman is already here." Ahhhhhhhh. More silence on both ends. Anibal doesn't speak English, so I had to talk to the fireman on the phone, explain the situation, and then call the bishop, whose call I had just missed because I was on the phone with the fireman. It turns out that the Church calls bishops immediately whenever the fire alarm gets pulled in their building, so unbeknownst to me he had been getting ready to run over to the church during this time. So I call him and tell him everything's fine and then call Anibal back and make sure it's all ok. The poor guy was so embarrassed.
And all of this happened in the five minutes that Hermana Brugman was in the shower. It was crazy and stressful, but it all turned out ok.

Just another thing to mark off on my list of weird skills that I have acquired on my mission: Translating to firemen over the phone.
Other skills: Spotting Hispanics, awkward conversations, replacing Jehovah's Witness pamphlets with ours in people's doors, saying "wow" a lot to avoid all the other words I used to say... the list goes on.

Speaking of Anibal, though, he is the BEST. He is the most humble and obedient member that I have ever met. He lives almost an hour away from the church and is the only member in his family, but drives all the way to Elizabeth City every Sunday to be there for Sacrament. One Sunday I thanked him for coming and he said, "Of course. I have to be here to renew my covenants."

Every missionary's dream!
My new project is his mom, sister, and son, who are pretty anti-Mormon. Every Friday I sit and chat with them for a good 45 minutes during soccer with the hopes of winning their hearts enough to let us teach them someday :)



Hermana Bennett

No good pictures this week, sorry.

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