Monday, February 3, 2014

More Snow!!!!

                                                               Snow ballet!!
The news of the week is.........


                                                              Attempt at being artsy!
And lots of it. On Tuesday we got about five inches, which really put a damper on our week. We weren't allowed to drive for all of Wednesday, Thursday, and part of Friday, so we walked! (good call on telling me to buy boots a while back, Mom).
Also, before I forget, Hermana Brugman and I found out yesterday that we're cousins! Through the Bennetts. Crazy, huh?
Saturday night we got transfer calls. And by that I mean that we didn't. Hermana Brugman and I are staying together here in Elizabeth City for at least six more weeks! I'm kind of happy, kind of sad. Happy because I don't feel like my work is done here, but sad because they took Outer Banks away from us. Hermana Valdez from up in New Kent, VA and Hermana Haywood from Gloucester, VA are coming down to be in the Outer Banks full time. It's great because they really need Spanish missionaries there, but I was also really hoping to be one of those Spanish missionaries there. There is so much potential and so many wonderful people.

It's all right, though. It's only an hour away, so we can do exchanges with them :) And I absolutely adore both of those hermanas. They are so fun. It will be great to have them in our district.
Not much more to report.
Hermana Bennett

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