Monday, February 24, 2014

Warmer weather = softer hearts

We had a great week this week! It has finally started warming up around here (although supposedly it's going to snow next week), and with the warmer weather people actually spend time outside, which makes the work a whole lot easier.
On Monday we ate dinner with Sister Barnhill and her husband, which was the best. They are so fun. She is a convert to the Church of about 15 years, but he is a lifelong Baptist. They got married four years ago and she decided to attend church with him for the sake of the marriage, which is a bummer, but says that she will always call herself a Mormon. We're still working on how to approach that whole situation. For now we just shared a scripture from the Bible with them and tried to keep things neutral, but hopefully in the future we'll be able to have some good discussion with him about the Church.
On Tuesday it got up into the 60s for the first time in forever, so we parked the car and walked around town. Best decision ever. Heavenly Father put so many people in our path because of that. Literally we would be walking and a Hispanic would just open the door and walk out onto the porch - right into our laps! He is so good to us. We weren't able to teach any lessons, but we will follow up with all of them and hopefully see some great things start up!
On Wednesday we found a new investigator!!! We went to Hertfort, a city about fifteen miles away, to knock doors in a big trailer park there. The first door we knocked was an American girl that wasn't all that interested, but we asked her if any of her neighbors were Hispanic and she pointed us across the street. We went over there, and the first one that we knocked let us right in. It's crazy because we actually met her three months ago in Walmart, on our very first Monday in Elizabeth City. She was there with a friend and I wasn't going to talk to them because it's always so awkward in Walmart, but I did it anyway because I wanted to be a good example to Hermana Brugman. Three months later it turns out that was a good choice!

On Thursday we led the youth activity for the night. We taught them how to play oompa loompa (a game they made up in the Richmond mission), and then took them out in groups of three to four to the relief society room for a special activity. We blindfolded them, then talked about Proverbs 3:5 and how we can't see God in this life, so we have to listen to the voices of the prophets and leaders of the Church to know how to avoid obstacles. The funny part, though, was that we didn't actually put any obstacles in the room. We just made up funny stuff for them to do and videotaped it, and then showed them all the videos after. It was hilarious. We had them hopping and crawling and all sorts of things to avoid those "obstacles." It was great.

On Saturday we went to Roper to visit Anibal and his family. It was the BEST. they are all so sweet, just like him. We talked for a while and then they fed us enchiladas (YUM), and then we talked some more. His mom and sister are super religious and are practically Mormons... except that they're Pentecostal. I despise that church. I want so badly to unite Anibal's family and help them all join the Church, but they are completely against the Book of Mormon. I don't know how to do it. We taught two Pentecostals, Aurelia and Jovita, in Newport news, and they were wonderful but also so stuck in their mode of thinking.

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