Monday, December 23, 2013

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I believe I wrote in my journal every single night this past week. It's a miracle. 

Let's see...

Oh, nope. I missed one day. December 6. My bad.


We have a really great investigator right now, Adan. He's the one that came to church last week. 

Well, I think we still have him. He didn't come to church yesterday even though we talked to him like an hour before. Then he sent us this super long message that we couldn't read because our phone is dumb and then we tried to call him a bunch of times and went to his house and he didn't answer, so I was pretty sure he dropped us. But then just now he texted us asking how we're doing! So we'll see.

Anyway, on Monday we had a great lesson with him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and on Saturday we taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation. He is amazing. When we ask him to read a scripture he will read it, stop, read it again, think for a minute, and then give this perfect explanation of what it says. I can literally see the Spirit working within him and teaching him. It is a tender mercy from the Lord to have such a great investigator right now while we're struggling to open this area.

The zone leaders' car was in this shop this week, so they had to take our car to a leadership conference in Portsmouth, which left us on foot for two days. That was fun. Hermana Brugman, being from Arizona, thinks it's freezing when it gets below like 50 degrees, while I'm chilling in a short sleeve shirt. It's pretty funny.

The stake choir also did an interpretation of The Forgotten Carols, which we got to go to on Saturday night. This was also a tender mercy because it's a borrowed tradition from Whitney and Brian to watch it every year... I didn't have to miss it for my one Christmas away!

The Christmas devotional last night was also good. Minus how orange they all looked. Bad lighting. But great spirit!

On the way home from the devotional last night Hermana Brugman commented on how much stronger she feels the Spirit now than she did before her mission, and it's so true. Before the mission I would feel the Spirit occasionally, but it was more of a general good feeling and didn't come that often. Now, though, I feel the Spirit so strong and so often. It's a difficult-to-describe feeling of pins and needles that hits me with a physical force. It usually starts in my chest and spreads, but only lasts for a few seconds. For me, I feel that this feeling testifies of truth. It comes when I read the scriptures, when I hear the prophet speak, when I hear hymns, etc. I love it! The Spirit is amazing.


How did that happen? I'm already a third done with my mission! And by the time I finish training Hermana Brugman I'll be almost half done!

I wish it would slow down. It's going too fast.

Well, you know what's next...


Hermana Bennett

PS. I should be getting my camera card converter back tomorrow so that I can finally send pictures next week.

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