Monday, December 23, 2013



Is what I am.

We eat so much here it is gross.

I guess before we came here the missionaries were only getting fed once or twice a week, so they called a missionary meal calendar coordinator, and now we get dinner every single night. Which is great, but also a little bit rough on my insides. When we come people make a big feast because it's a rare occasion for them, but what is that we're missionaries every day, which means that we eat those feasts EVERY DAY. We eat ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pie probably three to four times a week here. And if not that then chicken salad and more pie. Always pie. 

I feel like I have a continuous flow of food churning through my insides. 

It's kind of yucky.

But, I am truly grateful for the kindness of the members and the sacrifice that they make to feed us. I just wish that they would turn that kindness into salad instead of pie.

Anyway, we had a good week over here in North Carolina. Lots of things happened. Let me recap.

Tuesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders. That went well, as always.

Wednesday we taught THREE lessons in one day! That is a ton for us. We also found a super golden investigator, Adan. We found him knocking doors and he is very nice. Hermana Brugman was so funny about it, though. She comes from a pretty well-off family and being in this low income area totally freaks her out. Adan lives in a trailer, and as we were heading to his house for an appointment later that night after finding him she told me that she was afraid that he would lock us in the trailer and do something to us. I told her that the Spirit would help us to know if someone had bad intentions. By the time we left the appointment she was gushing about how much she loves him :) He is great! Very humble and lots of potential. We did a baptismal invitation and he said that after he learns more that he would be baptized.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! We spent the entire day at the Anderson family's house cooking, eating, playing games, and decorating their tree. It was so fun and made me excited to create my own holiday traditions someday. Another highlight of the day was a little trick that the elders pulled on us. They spent the morning helping Brother Anderson with yard work while we cooked, and in the process found some half dead crawdads, which they then put in our shoes! Hermana Brugman found it first and freaked out. Silly elders. If you don't know what crawdads are, which I didn't until Thanksgiving, look them up on Google. They're like sick slimy alien creatures.

Friday we had district meeting and I can't remember what else. Good day.

Saturday we got stuck in the mud! We went out to South Mills to visit a less active, and they live on a little farm. It's been raining off and on over the past few days, so the ground is soft. (Oh, and everyone parks in the yard here.) So, not thinking anything about it, we parked our car next to their gravel driveway so that it would be out of the way and then went in to our lesson. We came out, tried to drive away, and we were just STUCK in the muck. Hna Brugman, who's from Arizona where apparently there is no mud, kept saying, "Just gun it!" as our tires were spinning away. Finally I made her get out to look and she said, "Oh, now I get it." Finally the member's husband heard us making all this noise revving our engine and came out to help us. He tried to pull us out with his tractor a few times, but the hook kept slipping off, so everyone ended up pushing from behind as I gave it the gas. Finally we were free! Pretty funny. Us city girls in skirts looked like downright fools out there stuck in the mud.

Sunday we studied, went to church, ate, studied, ate, and went home. It was the most unproductive day ever. So frustrating. BUT, we had an investigator in church! Adan came and loved it. He is golden.

So, as you can see, things are going well! We're learning the area and having some fun experiences. 

Sorry still no pictures. Someday. Maybe in a couple weeks.


Hermana Bennett

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