Monday, December 30, 2013

Second to last day of 2013!

Can you believe 2013 is almost over? And then it will be two thousand FOURTEEN. Sick. That is just not allowed.

We had a good week this week, the highlight of which was SEEING MY FAMILY ON CHRISTMAS! That was just the best. The next time I see you will be Mother's Day and the one after that I'll be home! How crazy is that? I came out at the perfect time. Six months, Christmas, six months, Mother's Day, six months, home! 
I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we had been really struggling to find new investigators for a few weeks, so we did a complete overhaul of our area book. We separated all of the former and potential investigators (like 3 years worth) into groups based on which part of town they live and then we've been trying to contact every single one of them. So far it has been very fruitful.
A couple weeks ago we met a woman named Norma that had met the missionaries in the past, but was always working and didn't have time to actually sit down with them. Now she's not working, though, so she has time! On Monday we went over and talked to her a little bit about what we do as missionaries, Heavenly Father's love for us, and how His Gospel blesses families. Her two daughters were in the room and her husband in the back, but no one but her really listened. I think that her husband was listening from the other room, though, because on Saturday we went back with one of our members to explain to her what our Sunday services are like and invite her to church, and this time he was out in the living room participating and interested. We invited them to church, and ALL FOUR OF THEM CAME! Wife, husband, and the two kids. It was a miracle.
Last night we ate dinner with a couple from the ward that we don't know super well. It was amazing. The wife talked to us for a bit and then expressed some difficulties that she's been going through. She raised her kids in the church, taught them the Gospel, and did her best to teach them about the Savior, but now they are all grown and have all chosen to take different paths. Tears came to her eyes as she expressed her love for her children and her anguish over the choices that they were making. I felt prompted to tell her that as a representative of Jesus Christ, I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with her efforts and that He sees her heart and knows that it is good. Everyone else sees what we do and the fruits of our labors, which don't always accurately reflect our desires, but Heavenly Father knows what's inside. He knows who we truly are. The Spirit was strong as I testified of God's love for her and comforted her.

I love opportunities like that to make a little difference in someone's day. As a missionary they come all the time because people trust us with things they don't tell other people, and I always appreciate the chance to bear my testimony and console someone else.

Being a missionary is the best.
Other than that, nothing too outstanding has happened. We're working hard!
Keep on keepin' on!


Hermana Bennett

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