Monday, April 28, 2014

This week.

I think that this email is going to be kind of boring, sorry. There's not much to report that I can think of...

Let me check in my journal! Which, by the way, I made a goal with my new journal to write A WHOLE PAGE EVERY NIGHT. It's tough, but I've been doing it, and it's the best! It forces me to reflect on my day a lot more and actually share my feelings and progress instead of just giving a laundry list of what we did.

Oh, I restarted the Book of Mormon, this time with a fresh copy. Rather than marking what stands out to me, I'm marking scriptures that coordinate with each of the five missionary lessons. I LOVE IT. It helps me focus my study and I am finding scriptures that I never even knew existed, despite having read them many times. Also, I'm starting to understand why we emphasize so much reading the Book of Mormon from beginning to end, even though some of the most doctrine-dense chapters are further in. Because 1 Nephi teaches the whole Restoration beautifully! And 2 Nephi the Plan of Salvation!
Light bulb lit.
On Thursday we washed our car by hand at a member's house, which was fun. It had been completely covered in bright green pollen, but now it's gray again. Welcome to Virginia, where the pollen falls like rain.
Speaking of rain, though, the summer thunderstorms have started up again. My favorite.
On Friday at district meeting we did an activity where we had to write the seven sentences that we would send to our families if we were about to die and that was all we could say. Mine were:
1. I love you.
2. Jesus Christ is our Savior.
3. The Book of Mormon is true.
4. Only you can choose your destiny.
5. God is in control.
6. Be loyal to the royal within you.
7. See you in Heaven :)
It was cool! Those really are my most cherished beliefs and what I would want my loved ones to hear from me.

Don't worry, though. I'm not dying.

That's about it. Nothing too exciting to report, but it was a good week.

Oh, I got a super cute poster from the youth! Here it is.

Also some bunny ears from my Easter package from Mom/Megan, and have I mentioned that I have a new obsession with nightgowns? I got this one from the thrift store for three dollars and I LOVE IT. Most comfortable thing ever.

Anyway, tell the youth that I adore them and this poster makes me so happy every time I look at it.

Hermana Bennett

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