Monday, May 5, 2014


You know how sometimes I get on and have nothing to say? Well, this is not one of those weeks. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED.
First, my birthday was on Tuesday! I am now 21 years old and officially an old lady. For morning exercise I worked out my arms while opening the package from my mom. My companion and the sisters worked out their eyelids by blinking as they watched me do it.


Kindly ignore the terribleness of this photo. I had just woken up. Anyway, Mom, you did great! Everything was wonderful and the music was exactly what I wanted. <3 thank you <3

Later, during our lunch break, the sisters sent me on a wild scavenger hunt around the house, finding clues that led me to the destination.

They are so cute. The prize was Wheat Thins and a granola bar :) They know me so well!
The rest of the week passed without much happening until Saturday, when the greatest day of my mission occurred.


We weren't supposed to talk about it until it actually happened, but on this weekend Elder Bednar came for a giant priesthood leadership meeting, so he met with a bunch of other groups as well, which included the missionaries! Both our mission and the Richmond mission gathered in Richmond on Saturday morning to receive his training and instruction.
All of it was great, but the highlight was that...

In preparation for our big meeting with Elder Bednar, we were asked to read and annotate three of his talks, and to come prepared to learn from the Spirit about the messages contained in them. Then in the conference, rather than giving a talk, he he led a giant group discussion with all 500 missionaries about them. First he asked us what we had learned, and that was when I raised my hand. I probably would have been too afraid to talk in front of him, but I felt that pounding in my chest that I feel when the Lord wants me to bear my testimony, so I knew that I had to speak up.
When he called on me I stood up, shaking like a dried up leaf on a windy autumn day, and expressed my thoughts. He asked me to expound on it, then thanked me, I sat down, and he spoke about it as well. I honestly don't remember much of what he said for the next few minutes because I was a little in shock, but the important part is that I TALKED TO AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD.
The rest of the meeting was unbelievable, and by the end of the three hours I was exhausted from being so spiritually engaged for so long.
I also got to see lots of people that I haven't seen in a while, like old companions!

Here's Hermana Brugman, the one that I was with in Elizabeth City. I accidentally left my camera on vibrant colors after taking pictures of the trees, so it looks kind of crazy, but that's all right. We were together for four months! Love her.

The reason my camera was on vibrant colors. This is a little exaggerated, but not much.

This is Mystie and JB, the kids of one of my favorite members. The picture on the whiteboard is me :)

Oh, and Sister Burr and I did all of these puzzles in the past month. Ha. I swear we really do work. We just puzzle in every break we get.

Did I already send you a picture of my granddaughter? Well, this is her. This is at my old apartment in Newport News.

On Sunday Elder Bednar spoke again in our stake conference, but we didn't get to go to Newport News to see him. Instead we watched it broadcasted in our building here in New Kent. I had to translate the whole meeting to Ramiro, which was hard. Elder Bednar talks fast. One amazing gift that I receive when I am translating, though, is the gift of tongues. I always pray for it, and I can feel the Holy Ghost aiding me. I still don't speak perfectly, but my capacity is definitely enlarged.
Anyway, it was a great week! Full of fun memories and spiritual feasting.


Hermana Bennett

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