Monday, July 28, 2014

Back in the News!

I am so happy.

Newport News has had my heart since I left, and now I'm back! Hurrah. Simply driving down the streets brings back fun memories from being trained and training here. And yesterday I got to see Rosalio and Melina (the couple that got married and baptized last year) for the first time in eight months, which was the best. Melina and I both cried so much. They are doing GREAT. Melina is in the relief society presidency and Rosalio is in the elders quorum presidency and they are going to the temple to get sealed soon! <3 <3 <3

Other highlights from the week:

On Monday in New Kent we visited a media referral. A 23-year-old guy that ordered a Book of Mormon off of We brought a couple members and taught him the whole restoration. He seems golden. It's sad to leave that area right when things are picking up, but it's ok. The Lord wants me here.

I also had a really good experience with one of the youth in the New Kent branch before leaving. One of my goals up there was to help the youth, and especially the young women, see that being a missionary is really fun and that you don't have to be boring to be a missionary. I tried hard to interact with them a lot and share stories about our work, hoping to touch their hearts at least a little. Well, on Tuesday one of the 17-year-old young women came with us to a lesson and afterward told us that she has decided to go on a mission. Then she said, "All of the sisters, but especially you, Sister Bennett, made me actually consider it."

MUSIC TO MY EARS. That made me so happy. Even if all I did my whole mission was help one girl decide to go on a mission, that means that I will vicariously influence all of the people that she influences, which makes it so worth it.

On Thursday we had transfer meeting, and then I came to Zion! Life here as a YSA missionary is a lot like being a Spanish missionary. We have to tract a lot and seek out our investigators like needles in a haystack, but it's fun. All of the members are super nice and seem pretty missionary minded.

Anyway, that's about it! Lovin' life in the News.

Hermana Bennett

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